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Janitorial Services – Commercial & Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning:

We document in our bid daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly office cleaning services. Available cleaning services are:  remove trash, replace wastebasket liners, clean wastebaskets, dust eye level and below, dust above eye level, disinfect desktops, countertops, tabletops, cabinet door fronts and drawers, disinfect break room sinks and other sinks, disinfect inside microwave ovens and the outside surface of break room appliances, disinfect light switches, light switch plates, doorknobs, water fountains and coolers, baseboards, disinfect restrooms thoroughly by crew leader, spot clean walls, woodwork, and doors, clean glass doors and inside panes, dust mop, wet mop, vacuum carpet and mats, sweep out visible debris where the vacuum cleaner will not go and vacuum it up, clean sand urns, refill restroom and break room dispensers. Customer input is gathered to determine the schedule of services for each building.

Floor Maintenance:

Strip/scrub/wax/buff vinyl floors, scrub and clean ceramic tile floors, buff and clean laminate, hardwood, marble floors.

Carpet Cleaning:

Bonnet pad, shampoo, and extractor carpet cleaning.

Additional Services:

Squeegee windows, polish wood and metal, clean walls. Janitorial/sanitary supplies available. Remodeling cleanup and make ready.

Additional Information:

Insured and bonded: Fidelity Bond, Commercial Liability, Workman’s Compensation Insurance Policies.

References available.

Employee’s background checked. No 1099 subcontracts.

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