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The disinfectants that Building Janitorial Service cleaning personnel use when cleaning bathrooms, are the ones that not only kill germs, bacteria, fungi, and mildew, but also do not discolor and stain the chrome plated bathroom fixtures, like the chrome plated sink faucet spouts, chrome plated sink faucet handles, chrome plated sink drain plugs, chrome plated toilet handles, and the chrome plated paper towel and soap dispensers.

I am referring to disinfectants that kill germs, bacteria, fungi, and mildew, but have a neutral ph, not acidic, nor alkaline. If you have ever seen discolored and stained chrome plated bathroom fixtures, then a degreaser cleaner was probably repeatedly used over time instead of a disinfectant cleaner.

Degreasers are extensively used as a multipurpose cleaner when cleaning personnel do general office cleaning,  but they are not designed to be used as bathroom cleaners.

Degreasers have an alkaline ph base, whereas disinfectants have a neutral ph base. After repeated use over time, a degreaser will discolor and stain the chrome plated bathroom fixtures.

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